Speedcafe.com Classifieds Terms and Conditions

Speedcafe.com Classifieds reserves the right to remove any advertisement listings that they feel do not follow the following terms and conditions.

Advertising conditions

Speedcafe.com Classifieds strictly only provides the advertising space for sellers and does not take any responsibility for the contents of any particular advertisement.

Only private sellers are permitted to list an item for sale. Advertisements listed by trade organisations or businesses are prohibited.

Advertising costs

For private sellers, the cost of placing a standard listing is free. However sellers have the option to ‘boost’ an item by paying a once off featured item fee of $50. All costs on Speedcafe.com Classifieds are in Australian dollars.

Advertisement information

It is the responsibility of the seller to ensure all information relating to the product for sale they list is correct and accurate. Any misleading or false content in an advertisement will be immediately removed.

Advertising images

All legal liability of images posted within Speedcafe.com Classifieds is to individual sellers.

Speedcafe.com Classifieds is not liable for unauthorised use of images.

Link(s) in advertisements

Advertisements displaying links to external sites will be edited by Speedcafe.com Classifieds and those link(s) will be removed. Regular usage of links may result in that user being banned.

Advertising sale and postage

It is the responsibility of the buyer and seller to complete the transaction of the sale. All additional costs including but not limited to postage, freight and insurance is not the responsibility of Speedcafe.com Classifieds. Advertisement items listed may not include these additional costs, therefore the buyer should consult with the seller regarding these matters.

Speedcafe.com Classifieds accepts no responsibility for an item that is lost in transit, shipping or postage. It is the responsibility of the buyer to seek their own insurance if they wish to protect their purchase.

Inappropriate content

Speedcafe.com Classifieds reserves the right to delete to remove ad listings that contain inappropriate or misleading content, including but not limited to images.

Privacy Policy statement

To view the Speedcafe.com Privacy Policy, please visit the Speedcafe.com Privacy Policy page here: http://www.speedcafe.com/privacy-policy