Fully kitted out Formula Vee up for sale

Stephen Butcher with Team Stinger chassis #14

Team Stinger’s Formula Vees have long been a fixture in Australian motorsport with plenty of success, and now you have the chance to own one.

Stephen Butcher has listed his front-running race car on Speedcafe.com’s Classifieds marketplace, as he looks to cut back from motorsport and focus on other projects.

The 1600 class car, which comes fully kitted out, was built in 2013 as chassis number 14 out of the 19 Team Stinger Formula Vees.

It’s a unique opportunity to own one, being a variation of the chassis which had inboard shocks.

Known officially as chassis number 014IX, the “I” stands for inboard shocks and “X” denotes the additional bracing in the shape of an “X” in the middle.

“It’s got all the bells and whistles on it because it was my own car for a long time,” Butcher told Speedcafe.com.

“I debuted it at Bathurst for a round of the Formula Vees there in 2014 and I was straight away top five.”

Butcher, who is well-known in the Formula Vee community, recalled some of his best times behind the wheel of the car.

“I was always top five and its best result was at the nationals at Mallala when I ran with the front group and got a third and I also had a win at Eastern Creek in a state round,” he explained.

“Formula Vee racing is quite intense at the front and I definitely think the car can win more, I just am a little past that a bit with the age I’m at.”

Butcher (centre) with fellow Team Stinger driver Dylan Thomas (left) and Tim Brook (right)

With the experience Butcher has over the years, he has applied much of what he has learned to this particular chassis.

Most of the improvements and adaptations he has implemented make a big difference in Formula Vee racing given its close nature.

“As far as the car goes a lot of the improvements I’ve made to it have stemmed from things I’ve learned over the years competing,” Butcher added.

“It’s got a line-locker, it’s got the fuel tank in the middle for better weight distribution, it’s got the oil filter and cooler under the seat once again for better weight distribution, so it’s got a lot of little tweaks I’ve done to them over the years.”

Butcher is prepared to make the deal even sweeter for a buyer, offering a lease-buy incentive for a race weekend to give a buyer the chance to test out the car before laying down the cash.

“What I can do is I’ve included what I call a lease-buy,” he explained.

“So if someone wants to lease it out for a weekend of racing, which is about two grand; they’ve got to cover the other costs. I just bring the car to the track and service the car.

“And then if they decide to buy it at the end of the weekend I’ll take the price of the lease off the final price. So it’s almost a better deal to test the car out and then buy it.”

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