KCK Lubricants – Performance Engine Oil



KCK Lubricants - Performance Engine Oil
KCK Lubricants - Performance Engine Oil

PERFORMANCE MINERAL ENGINE OIL Suitable for Unleaded, Diesel, LPG, LRP and CNG cars / SAE 20W50 * Formulated specifically for performance pushrod applications * Designed to increased horsepower and improved piston ring seal * Compatible with E85 and methanol fuels * Ideal for wet-sump supercharged drag race engines * Perfect for LS engines with high lift cams * Ideal for speedway and race boat applications * Suitable for big block muscle cars and blown street rods * Suitable for 4 stroke motorcycle applications with wet or dry clutch * High Zinc content to protect camshaft and lifters in high lift, high RPM applications Outperforms all international specifications for premium performance Can post Australia Wide

Price: $96.00

Condition: New

Location: Yamanto, Queensland 4305

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Post date: 16th November 2016

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User: qik10